How Wearable Tech Can Monitor and Help your Sleep Habit

Getting a good night sleep is very important for maintaining good overall health. Every person has different sleep habits, but everyone needs a good sleep in order to function better during the day. Today people are more aware about their health than ever and are doing best they can in order to remain fresh, healthy and happy. Many are looking to analyze their sleep patterns in order to better understand them. Thanks to the wearable tech, now this is possible and easily accessible to anyone. If you track your sleep you will get a good insight into your sleep behavior so you can then improve it.

What Can Wearable Tech Do For You

With wearable tech you can get valuable and precise information about your sleep patterns. You can learn more about how long it takes for you to fall asleep, how much you move in your bed while you are sleeping, and how long you sleep in each sleep phase. All of these factors are important and must be considered if you want to improve the quality of your sleep.

Most wearable tech does not require installation of apps or programs to use them. All you need to do is just wear them on your wrist and the device will do everything for you. It will read all phases of sleep and it can also awake you easily when you are going through the final light phase. That way you will feel more energized and fresh when you wake up.

After you have used the wearable device for some time you will get a clearer picture about your overall sleep habits. This can be very useful, because with the data you have collected you can make better adjustments and improvements in your sleep routine. Wearable devices are both tracking and identifying different factors for you, so you can easily eliminate those sleep habits that are not good for you.

Wearable tech is great because they help in identifying bigger problems with sleep. They can catch different unusual readings which you can then analyze to see whether something is wrong with your health. This cannot be done in any way unless you track your sleep with a device. However, keep in mind that wearable tech devices are designed for informational purposes and to help you improve your sleep, but they cannot diagnose sleep problems or disorders for you. If you need an actual diagnosis then you must visit a doctor for that.

Finally, wearable tech can help your sleep habit by giving you a good peace of mind. By understanding your sleep behavior you can then take right steps to improve your sleep. Your night`s rest will become much better and you`ll feel full of energy. Positive thing regarding wearable tech is that they are multifunctional, easy-to-use, discreet, and will never disrupt your sleep. They can help you achieve better night routine and get better rest, so you can easily go through all challenges of everyday life.

The Best Apps for your iWatch

One of the best smartwatches you can find out there is of course the Apple Watch or iWatch. If you compare this smartwatch with similar devices you will see that there are a lot of apps to choose from. The quality and number of apps you can find for iWatch is simply huge. There is something for any need or interest you may have. Before you download more apps, a good idea would be to check out the main app that you have on your iPhone. There you will find a few pre-installed apps which you can transfer directly to your iWatch. If there are apps you do not want or need, you can then disable them to make some space for additional downloads. The following are some of the best apps you can download for your iWatch. Consider using each and every one of them and you will see good and helpful can they be in times of need.

  • Things 3 is a top productivity app to use on your iWatch. This is a very handy app with which you can better organize your everyday activities and tasks. You can easily sort everything in different categories and make them display on the screen. You can tick off completed tasks, add new tasks and get reminded when something important is coming up. This app is number one organizer app you can find.
  • If fitness and health are important to you then you will love Strava, which is one of the best workout trackers you can download. Running and cycling distances can easily be monitored and there is a GPS tracker as well. It even has a feature for the bedroom. This app is compatible with dating apps like Sex Swipes which can monitor your sexual activity. This is a very reliable and stable app which can serve you pretty well if you are a devoted runner or cyclist.
  • If you own an iWatch there is a good chance you are a sports fan. If that is the case then you should definitely take advantage of the ESPN It is labeled as one of the best sports apps in the world where you can find every score, statistic, results, sports news and all other things related to any sport. If you want all sports at one place, clearly presented to you, then this is the app to use.
  • Citymapper is a fantastic app if you travel or like to travel in popular tourist cities. With this app you will find a ton of information ranging from public transport schedules to attractions to see and places to visit.
  • Final best app for your iWatch of which you would benefit a lot is called Babbel. This app is a translator to foreign words, but it reminds more of a game. You can solve different quizzes and find the most relevant words you need. Of course, this app will not make you specialist in languages, but it can be very handy in times of need. You can learn while being entertained and that is one of the reasons for its popularity.

What is Wearable Tech Doing for Running

Running is the favorite type of exercise for many people in the world. All you need for running is a pair of running shoes and comfortable outfit. However, truth is that running can be significantly improved with help of wearable tech. Today there are many devices specifically created for running, all of them helping people run better and achieve better results. Wearable running trackers are becoming more and more sophisticated and they provide pretty good data which can be analyzed and used for better running. With the help of wearable tech you can identify the areas which need improvement, and they can also help you find ways how to improve your running game. If you are a devoted runner that looks to achieve better running times, then you should consider following ways in which the wearable tech could do the work for you.

How Can Wearable Tech Improve Your Running

One of the best things that wearable tech is doing for running is that it provides perfect schedule tailored for any person. Running can be challenging, but if you have a precise schedule to follow then you will become a better runner. You can set your own plan and then follow it and you have many apps for that that are synced with the fitness trackers. These apps can tell you when you should increase the running distance and how many miles you need to run in order to burn specific amount of calories.

The heart rate monitoring option of fitness trackers can be used for reaching and maintaining optimal running performance. Fitness trackers allow people to create graphs and tables with correct pulse for every running stage. That way every runner knows when their heart rate is at peak, which can serve as good reference point for future runs. Also, the best wearable tech gadgets can do many more things besides measuring running distance, pulse, or calories burned. They can also create three-dimensional models of running stride. This can help long-distance runners avoid injuries and improve their running efficiency.

Another thing that wearable tech is doing for running is providing GPS tracking. Advanced running trackers can offer GPS tracking in very high resolution and that can help runners maintain steady running pace. This feature allows runners to chart their running routes and speed with almost perfect accuracy. This is important because that way every runner will easily see how disciplined they are when running and which areas of their running needs further improvement.

These were only a few ways in which wearable tech is helping runners. Fitness trackers can be extremely helpful if used correctly. If you are seriously interested to improve your running and become a better runner, then you should definitely take advantage of everything wearable tech has to offer. There are plenty of options and features designed for runners and most importantly they are very easy to use. Once you start using wearable tech to help you when running, you will never go back to running without tracker.

The Top 5 Fitness Wearable Tech

Fitness wearable watches and trackers have become extremely popular in the recent years. That is because they can do so many things and they also help people stay active. Almost all models have something special that encourage people to pay attention to on their health and fitness levels. Good thing to know is that all wearable devices are still getting improved and today they offer some pretty good features like heart rate monitoring, sleep tracking, daily step count, and many other things. The following are the top five fitness wearable pieces of technology for active people.

  1. Fitbit Alta HR

            Fitbit Alta is a top wearable tech because it is made for casual everyday users. This great wearable tech piece features step tracking, heart rate monitoring and sleep monitoring. It comes with a very handy Fitbit app, which is very user-friendly. With Fitbit Alta HR you can easily track your daily goals, monitor your diet and even water intake. If you want to boost your activity rates, simply monitor different things and encourage yourself to exercise more – Fitbit Alta HR is an ideal solution. It has a stylish design and its battery can last for up to seven days.

  1. Garmin Vivosmart 3

This wearable gadget is made for people who are seriously interested in improving their fitness levels. It has a complex app which monitors a lot of things. Garmin Vivosmart 3 is water-resistant so it will keep function perfectly even if you swim or shower with the device. The rep counter is great option for those that follow their strength exercises and it also features a heart rate monitor. The battery of this device lasts for up to five days.

  1. Fitbit Ionic


This tech piece has a very modern design and is made by following the highest standards for smartwatch quality. With this device you can call, send emails or text messages while you are on the go. This is a perfect app to be on the go and dating as it’s compatible with the Free Sexting App.  It has a built-in fitness tracker and exercise coach, heart rate monitor, running timer, and even music storage. That is perfect for all those people that want to listen to music while exercising or working. The batter of Fitbit Ionic lasts for around four days which is much better in comparison to other smartwatches on the market.

  1. Garmin Forerunner 235

      This professional sports watch will provide you with all monitoring and tracking functions in great detail. It is slightly more expensive than other similar devices, but it does provide premium quality. People that want to remain active will love this device as it will constantly encourage them to stay in shape. Besides other standard functions, Garmin Forerunner 235 comes with a built-in GPS and is water-resistant to up to fifty meters of depth. With this device you can also make and receive phone calls, emails and text messages.

  1. Fitbit Charge 2

This fitness tracker rounds up the top five wearable tech gadgets. It comes with various features such as monitoring workout, weights, running, cycling and it has a quality battery life of up to five days.

What To See in 2019 for Wearable Tech

What to see in 2019 for wearable tech

            Wearable tech has taken world by a storm and that is for a good reason. As people start to think more about their health they are becoming more informed about lot of things that can help them. Wearable tech devices were invented to help people track and monitor their daily activities. They are popular devices because they can give us good insight about what is good with our health and fitness and what needs bigger improvement. Today wearable tech devices let you monitor many different things. You can track walking, running, cycling, heart rate, sleeping and many other things. Getting informed about all of these things can help us a lot in making improvements in our lives.

Smartwatches and Fitness Trackers: Most Popular Items

            Big companies have seen the value in these devices so they are trying to make and sell top products for anyone. Smartwatches and fitness trackers are the most popular devices in the wearable tech industry and they will continue to dominate the market in 2019. The gadgets will become slightly more expensive in the upcoming year, but they will deliver value that is expected from them. The forecast is that smartwatches production will rise and will account for more than fifty percent of the revenue in the wearable tech industry. We should expect to see major Chinese brands entering the market and providing additional and improved types of devices. Sales will continue to rise because the companies will include even more features and options in the devices that will hit the market.

What to Expect For Wearable Tech

            First we should see bigger improvements in the devices that are currently available on the market. Some products will get updated features and added options in order to compete with smartphones. Examples of this are texting capabilities. Wearable Tech companies are partnering up with apps such as Nude Teens App in the dating world to be more compatible with its users.  Smartphones are still dominating the market of devices, so in order to be more competitive and eventually take their place, wearable tech like fitness trackers and smartwatches must improve. Wearable tech devices and fitness technology will race forward with improvements in the field of sensor technology. Using quality smart fabrics, flexible membranes and cloud computing are a few other things to see in wearable tech in 2019. Staying connected and improved track activity are couple of other things that should be expected as well.

            These were some general expectations for the wearable tech in 2019. Of course, big companies in the industry are not revealing everything so we should expect some surprises as well. Important thing is that things are moving forward and next year should be better for technology in comparison to the current year. New and exciting things are coming up, so follow the developments and be up to date with the latest technological trends. Something interesting will certainly emerge that we have not seen before as all manufacturers are competing to deliver best new products. As we can conclude, we are approaching a very exciting year in the world of wearable tech so stay tuned and expect some big things ahead.