Make the Most of Your Fitness Tracker: Fitbit Flex Bands


There have been many technological upgrades in the past few years. These have led to the emergence of many new devices to help people to carry out their lifestyles in a better way. As technology continues to advance, so do fitness tracking devices. Fitbit products have been the most popular among consumers around the world who are looking to use technology to improve their health. With several models to choose from, it’s no wonder Fitbit is at the top of the market. Each consecutive model is even better than the one before. The most reliable options available in this product line is the Fitbit Flex band. These bands are completely loaded with features to provide the users with exactly what they want in a fitness tracker.

Know the Flex

Before you choose a fitness tracker, there are a lot of questions you need answered. Knowing the Flex band will help you make an informed purchase. Flex bands have a reputation as one of the highest performing models of all the fitness trackers. There are many amazing features which will encourage you to purchase this particular band. The features of the Fitbit Flex are different and more advanced when compared to the previous Fitbit bands. These Fitbit bands are loaded with all the state of the art functionalities that are considered better than any other products and are exactly what most users want in a fitness tracker. Users consistently report that they are highly satisfied with this band’s performance. However, there are many things that you need to consider about the maintenance of these Fitbit Flex bands before determining if this is the best model for you.

Make the Best Out of It

In order to get the most out of your Fitbit Flex, you need to understand the extreme amount of features included in these amazing Fitbit bands. There are some tips for getting the most accurate readings and data from your band. Utilizing these guidelines will help you to get the best use and experience from your fitness trackers. Here are some of these tips!

Get Better Accuracy

The readings of the fitness band depend on how it is worn and on which wrist. Therefore, experts suggest that the user should wear the band on the wrist that is more active. This will help to get even better and clear analysis of physical activity. This is an important tip for those who want to monitor their physical fitness as accurately as possible. Having better data leads to better outcomes. If the bands are not able to give perfectly accurate readings, then they may be of little use. Therefore, it is better to use them in the most appropriate way possible.

Use the GPS; Map Your Stats

The “mobile run” feature added to the Fitbit Flex bands uses GPS. This helps track the distance and running strides more accurately. The use of the GPS will, therefore, let you know the exact distance traveled during each run. This is a critically important feature for athletes who are testing their stamina. Along with the distance covered, the GPS will give you access to new maps which you can use to find newer places to run and perform your workouts. The GPS connectivity enables many more benefits along with the amazing features of the Fitbit bands. You should try to use it whenever possible to have the best running experiences of your life.

Link with the App

The Fitbit app has enabled users to access data recorded from their Fitbit devices which they can then use to improve their fitness plan. This app will record almost every activity that you carryout. It will let you know the food and drinks that you consume and also the various other activities that you do. These recordings and analysis of data will prove to be some of the best supports to promote fitness. It can be said that the Fitbit Flex bands are some of the best devices to ensure your health and well-being. To get the optimum use of the fitness features from your device, it is always suggested to connect it with the app.

Track Your Sleep

The automatic sleep tracker is one of the best features of the Flex. Unlike the other devices, you need not always change the settings to track your sleep. The Flex is recording your actions continuously, and it can make out that you are sleeping. It will record all the details of your sleep. Through these recorded details you can also know the time when you are in the deepest sleep. You can also set a specific time that you want to go to sleep and the time when you want to wake up. The Fitbit Flex bands will give you buzzing reminders and alarms for both bedtime and time to wake up. You can make your sleep better at night and improve your ability to work during the day.

Sleep Easier: Try this

Sometimes you may find that the sleep mode is not working with the Flex. If this is the case then, tap on the curves above the light display and adjust your settings. This usually fixes the problem. Through some adjustments to your sleep plan, you will surely end up having a perfect sleep at night and wake up refreshed each morning.

Accurate Stride Lengths

One of the best features of the Fitbit Flex is its ability to record stride lengths based on your height and gender. However, you can also set the stride length yourself using the app. Updating the stride lengths yourself is considered the best way to use this feature as it will give you more accurate data to analyze. You can easily update this info from your personal profile on the app in a few simple steps. This will help you to experience the most from your app and device. Also, remember to measure the stride lengths properly. Otherwise, you may not get the accurate results and readings. These readings will help you to carry out your walk and other activities in a much better way.

Correct the Flex’s Stats

There may be some situations when the device may confuse your stationery activity with napping. You need not worry about this, however. You just need to review the activities recorded and label them appropriately. Just go the sleep records, pick up the recorded activities, and label them correctly. In the future, these activities should be labeled corrected automatically. These things are very important to get the most out of the technology as the devices may make mistakes from time to time. Making adjustments as needed will help you to have the best experience possible with Fitbit Flex bands.

Set Better Goals

You should continue to increase your daily step goals. This will be beneficial for your health and also cause the app to work in a more versatile manner. However, in order to do this, you will need to know how to make these changes in the app. Make sure that the dashboard is displaying the tiles for steps. Using the Fitbit software, you can easily follow the directions on the dashboard and make the changes to your step goal. This will help you to get the most benefit from this feature of the device. Altering your step goal will help you become healthier and give you more accurate date from your device so that you can continue to monitor your health.

Buy Some Extra Bands

The Fitbit Flex bands are designed in a way to sit comfortably on your wrist. However compared to other devices, the Flex is actually small. This pill-shaped device is the main part of the wristband. You can remove the sensor from the wristband and swap out the wrist band very easily. To make the bands match any outfit, you can buy some extra bands that would fit with any occasion or style. This way, you will be able to wear your Fitbit Flex wherever you go. Though the original design is already very stylish, having different bands to choose from will ensure that you always look great no matter where you wear your Fitbit Flex.

Disable Sync and Save Battery Life

The Fitbit Flex allows you to enable the “all day sync” option on the Flex bands. However, the use of the “all day sync” will lead to high power consumption. You may choose to better monitor your battery life. Therefore, it is always suggested to disable the sync with paired devices. This is a default function, so you will need to turn it off manually. By turning off the synchronization with paired devices, you can save considerable battery life. You can do this with some very simple steps. Just tap on the Flex tab which is situated on the top of the home screen. Now toggle the “all day sync” so that it is turned off.

There are numerous benefits and features to wearing the Fitbit Flex. All these features have something to give you. Following these tips and guidelines will help you to make the most of your Fitbit Flex. There are a lot of fitness trackers available on the market, but Fitbit Flex bands will give you exactly what you need in order to improve your healthy lifestyle.