The Fitbit Flex 2: A Better Option in the Fitbit Product Line


There have been various upgrades recently on the technological fronts. These updates have led to the emergence of many new devices and services which offer some of the best benefits in history. In our present busy lifestyle, there is a constant need for individuals to improve routines and better manage time and resources. Fitbit devices have become one reliable way that people can continuously improve their lives. Among all of its fitness trackers, Fitbit Flex 2 has become one of the strongest products on the market for performance and reliability.

One of the reasons for Fitbit’s global popularity is the continuous update of their products and services.. Each day, thousands of consumers search the web looking for reliable information about which fitness tracker they should purchase. This content will focus on letting you know some different views and facts about this version, the Flex 2.

What is Flex 2?

Flex 2 one of several versions of the Fitbit fitness trackers which have become popular for their features and the perfect fitness insights they provide. Fitbit is known for creating innovative products that provide users with valuable information about their performance. This version is relatively similar to other fitness trackers that that offer sleep tracking and other basic activities. However the Flex 2 offers something beyond this, too. This model was released along with the Charge 2 to be able to provide users with some better features and services than previous models. The Fitbit Flex 2 is an even more complimentary update to the Fitbit product line.

There are many upgrades with this model. For example, you can also dress up your Flex 2 to with some of the most interesting customizable accessories. However, there are also many more useful features than this. The Flex 2 has emerged as a more up to date version which incorporates smartphone notifications, waterproofing, and many more features. Learning about these upgrades is very important to making an informed decision when purchasing a fitness tracker.

Know the Design and Setup

The tracker component in the Flex 2 is actually 30 percent smaller in comparison to the old models. The band is different from the elastomer bands offered by the previous version, the Flex. In the new models, the bands are considerably narrower. As a reference, the band is said to be as wide as that of the Jawbone UP 3. Therefore these bands are able to counter to your more snuggly with a better fit. Another upgrade is the use of higher quality materials. This is just one of the reasons why the Fibit Flex 2 is a better version than all the previous models.

There is a considerable range of colors available with the Flex 2. The most common and preferred shades are lavender, black, navy, and magenta. With this wide of a selection, it is easy to find a color that is to your taste. In addition to the different shades, the bands are now available with textured patterns. While some users prefer the textured, others preferred the original band. Users tastes varied drastically. The textured bands are comfortable and did not feel coarse against the skins. Other users preferred the textures choices because the patterns made them unique.

Apart from this, there are many more features related to these bands which made them the most popular choice among the consumers. There are several different sizes of bands to choose from. The wide selection enables you to choose a perfect match for you. There are many fancy options also available that can prove to be extremely stylish for you. These bands are the perfect way to remain stylish while utilizing the newest technology and services available in fitness tracking. The Fitbit Flex 2 is sure to meet the needs of anyone looking for a fashionable fitness tracker.

The Flex 2 is secured around the user’s wrist with a button clasp which holds it in place firmly. The newer model is quite a bit easier to use than any other buckle strap that may be difficult to put on properly without assistance. The Flex 2 is the best option for style, convenience, and features all in one package. Everyone in your family will benefit from owning this fitness tracker. This can be dressed up like any other jewelry trends these days. You can use it to give you an even more formal look for your meetings or business outings. This is, indeed, a complete package for you.

Activity Tracking and the Fitbit App

You can forget about the Flex 2 once you have it wrapped around your wrist. It will count all your steps taken and also manage itself during your sleep. There are many more functions available with this amazing fitness tracker. The smart track functionality will record all your activities during the exercise sessions. No matter whether you are running, cycling, walking, or sleeping, this tracker will catch you everywhere. However, there are certain conditions for the tracker to collect all your data correctly. Therefore, you will need to have a clear understanding of exactly how to best utilize your fitness tracker.

The swim tracking is disabled right out of the box. Therefore, you will need to turn it on before participating in these types of activities. According to the manufacturer, this is done to conserve the battery life of the tracker for those who are non-swimmers. Once you turn on the swim tracking, you will need to enter some information. These includes the pool length and other information which will help the lap counting to be more accurate. Users report that if you are a stronger swimmer who usually stops less you will probably get the lap counting perfectly accurate. Therefore, it can be said that Fitbit Flex 2 can track swimming better than any other tracker on the market.

However, even if you are a non-swimmer then the waterproofing features of the Flex 2 are something that you cannot miss out on. This is the most important feature of this version of the Fitbit products. Nevertheless, this doesn’t mean that you need to wear your Flex 2 in the shower. Though the unit is waterproof, it is best to take it off during non-athletic water activities such as baths and showers.

One thing to consider when purchasing this fitness tracker for recording running activities is there is no GPS. Just like the Charge 2 the Flex 2 has no GPS tracking capbilities. The Flex 2 can only trigger the run through the smart track monitor. The duration of the run, however, which is automatically tracked, is reportedly accurate. You do not get any other kind of metrics along with this. The data recorded and synchronized in this way further helps to count the amount of the calories burned in this process. However, the Fitbit app is not able to show the distance recorded by the Fitbit Flex 2’s accelerometer.

The Flex 2 is missing several other components which consumers expected in this newest update, which was disappointing to many. One such disappointment was the lack of update to the Fitbit app. However the Fitbit manufacturers have started working on the app and are planning to relaunch soon with updated features. These features will improve the social element of this app and will also compliment the functionality of the fitness trackers. They will also help the app improve important functions like the recording and tracking of your sleep and other activities in a better way. Despite these disappointments, users are still highly recommending the Fitbit Flex 2 because of the many benefits this fitness tracker provides.

Battery Life and Charging

This fact that the device does not need to be charged frequently or daily is one of the bonus points of using this particular tracker. You can receive numerous notifications from various messengers and phone calls. It will always buzz to let you know about incoming activity from your phone, and it also as one of the best alarms. The power management in the Fitbit Flex 2 is one of its best features. With the help of the Fitbit Flex 2, you can complete a number of tasks from your phone without getting up from your desk every time it rings. This is yet another reason why so many people are choosing the Fitbit Flex 2.

Should I Buy It?

The Flex 2 is regarded as one of the best updates of the previous versions of the Fitbit products. The amazing features described here have made it easier to use the device. These additions could have been much better, but the present ones are also a good option for anyone who wishes to improve their health and well-being. This tracker is far better than the previous options, and therefore it will be the best decision for anyone looking for a perfect tracker. Getting the Fitbit Flex 2 for you or your loved ones is a great way to increase your activity and get healthy!