The Ultimate Smartphone Powered on Android System

The Ultimate Smartphone Powered on Android System

There have been many companies looking to crack the smartphone market that has seemingly been dominated by Apple and Samsung of late. These two giants have basically pushed Blackberry to the brink of extinction at points, and have relegated many companies to the second tier in terms of sales and buzz. This is just a difficult place for an upstart to gain a place at the table.

A company that is changing that viewpoint is Xiomi, who have come out with an outstanding smart phone in their mi series. The Xiaomi mi3 was the one that really puts the company on the map. Released in December 2013, this clever phone combined and incredibly high resolution camera and screen with the latest Android operating system. The Xiaomi mi3 was the company’s announcement to the world that they were here to be a real player in the market.

The latest addition to the series, the Xiaomi mi4 has moved the company to a whole new level. Adding an even higher resolution screen with the 13.0 MP camera was a step up on its own, but the increased Octa Core 1.7 GHz processor has really made a mark. This includes 64-bit programming applications to make the Xiaomi mi4 one of the top smartphones on the market.

The great thing about the Xiaomi mi4 price is that it is comparable with other smartphones. For a phone that is at least a year or two ahead of most other models, it is impressive to see that red mi giant is pricing their smartphone at the same price one would find for models that are a step below. This has not only shown that the company values its customers, but that they have the insight to recognize putting the Xiaomi mi4 price at something that people can afford.

Since the red mi hit the market Xiaomi has been making themselves known and they have been able to make a place in this market where many others have failed. While they are still leaps and bounds behind Apple and Samsung, they are clearly proving that they have the innovations and ideas that can make them a potential giant in the smartphone industry one day. While the mi4 is an amazing phone, many are wondering what will be the next innovations and ideas we see in the mi5. Clearly, it will be something to behold.